Learning@Living Faith Symposium

Monday 09 Jan

Educators, are you looking for a fresh approach to education that will engage and inspire your students for lifelong learning?

The physical learning spaces at Living Faith may appear to have the wow factor, but it is the underlying philosophy and pedagogy that underpins improved engagement and academic achievement.

Since the inception of our agile learning spaces and associated pedagogy, we have been inundated by educators from across the country and around the globe who share a desire to tour our facilities and learn about our ongoing innovation narrative as they, too, move forward in shaping tomorrow’s leaders, today. In response to ongoing requests, Living Faith enthusiastically opens its doors to share our story with like-minded, curious schools and educators.

Our professionally-run tours enable visitors to explore Living Faith’s history of and vision for contemporary learning. This history and vision, initially inspired by the marvellous work of Northern Beaches Christian School in Sydney, and entitled The Learning Landscape, is designed around three interlinked and equally important spaces – the physical space, the virtual space and the cultural space. Visitors have an opportunity to see the learning environments in action and unpack the philosophy and pedagogy that is behind these learning experiences. Visitors are shown how to support teachers and parents as they transition from more traditional models of education to a flexible, contemporary and student-centred approach to learning.

Professional development symposiums are available in 2018. Should you or your school be interested in taking part in a symposium, email the Principal's Assistant pa@livingfaith.qld.edu.au expressing your interest.

To learn more, view the Learning@LivingFaith Symposium brochure below.

We look forward to sharing our ever-evolving story in the hope of inspiring your staff and unleashing your creativity.

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