Schedule of Fees

Once the enrolment process is complete, the 2018 fees at Living Faith are:

1. Enrolment Bond

For new families to the school a refundable Enrolment Bond of $500 per family is levied on the first fee statement issued. This is a once only fee payable when the first child commences at the school and fully refundable once the last child/sibling of the family finishes at the school, provided there are no outstanding fees and charges owing and the required notice period has been given.

For siblings of existing families who have previously paid either $200 or $400 a charge for the balance up to a maximum of $500 per family will be levied on the first fee statement following enrolment of the sibling. The $500 will be refunded when the last child in the family finishes at Living Faith provided there are no outstanding fees and charges owing and the required notice period has been given.

In the case of withdrawal of a student during the school year, one term’s written notice must be given to the Principal or the enrolment bond will be forfeited. For a student leaving at the end of the year, notice is required by the end of Term 3 (excluding Year 6 students).

2. 2018 Tuition Fees and Levies (Per Student)

Base Fee for all students (per annum)

$4,390 One child 
$8,231 Two children 
$11,305 Three or more children 

Sibling Discounts

Sibling discounts on the base tuition fee are offered for two or more children attending Living Faith Lutheran Primary School at the same time. These are as follows:   

12.5% for the second child
30% for third child and
100% for the fourth child. 

Compulsory Capital Levy (Per Family)

Capital Levy $250 per annum per family.

This capital levy contributes to the continued capital building program of the school.

Resource and Activity Levy (Per Student)

$250 Prep
$400 Year 1
$600 Year 2
$700 Years 3 to 6

The base tuition fee covers the cost of daily lessons and basic classroom resources. The resource and activity levy is a single charge encompassing a provision for all of the following expenses: 

Book Week Activities Camps (Years 2 to 6)
Cultural activitiesExcursions and Incursions
International Day activitiesProvision of ICT devices and network
School based Sports ProgramSchool Magazine
Swimming lessonsYear 6 Senior shirt
Text Books

Attendance at camps, activities and excursions is expected by all students. No refunds will be given for non-attendance at any activity included in the Resource & Activity Levy.

Extra-curricular Fees and Charges

All school based fees for activities required to be undertaken by all students in a year level are included in the resource and activity levy. Parental choice extra-curricular activities are paid on a per user basis and may include:

  • Chess Club 
  • Clubs eg Lego, art, sports clinics
  • Debating Club 
  • District and Regional Sport charges
  • ICAS-Maths, Science & English Competitions 
  • Year 6 Camp-Parent Attendance

These charges are invoiced separately through Parent Lounge and must be paid prior to the activity being undertaken. Year 6 Graduation Dinner payments will incur a separate charge based on number of tickets required.

Student stationery packs are purchased direct through our supplier or independently by the parent prior to Term 1 each year. Stationery lists are provided for each year level during Term 4 of the previous year.

3. Discounts

Early Payment Discount
A 5% early payment discount is applied on the base tuition fee only if the annual fee invoice is paid in full by the end of Week 2 of Term 1 each year.

Family Loyalty Discount – In partnership with Grace Lutheran College
A family loyalty discount applies to families who have students simultaneously enrolled at both Living Faith and Grace Lutheran College. Families who meet the criteria are to complete the application form and return it to either Grace College or Living Faith finance offices in order to activate the discount. In 2018 this discount is $1000 per family ($750 Grace College and $250 Living Faith). Application forms are available from the school office.

4. Invoicing – Fees Statement and payment processes
Fee invoices for the full year’s school fees are charged before 31 January each year and fees statements are automatically available via Parent Lounge. Statements are uploaded to Parent Lounge at the end of each month so that families can easily monitor their account balance and ensure that the agreed payment cycle is being maintained.

At the commencement of each school year a fee calculator is prepared for each family detailing the full year school fee applicable. Families are required to commit to a mutually acceptable payment program that will continue until such time as the fees are paid in full. Acceptable payment programs include weekly, fortnightly, monthly, term and annual payment cycles that can be processed by BPay, Parent Lounge – credit card or debit card, direct debit, recurring facility (set and forget), EFTPOS, cash or cheque.

It is expected that all fees will have a zero balance before the end of the current school year. Any accounts that are not cleared by the due date must have an agreed payment arrangement in place with the Business Manager.

5. Hardship Concessions
Fee remissions for family hardship and financial need are available. Applications can be obtained from the Business Manager. The amount of concession will vary depending on available funds, number of applications received and evidence of need. All applications are addressed by the Principal and Business Manager and are strictly confidential. All applications are shredded at the end of each year.

6. Building Fund (Tax Deductible)
The school has established a tax deductible building fund through the Australian Taxation Office. Donations to the fund are voluntary to enable families to claim this as a tax deduction. Receipts are issued for taxation purposes.

Monies from the building fund are used to assist the school in the provision of appropriate facilities and resources to ensure that your child receives the best educational opportunities possible. Strong community donations contribute significantly to reducing the impact of increased capital costs impacting on annual school tuition fees.

This facility is also available to relatives and friends who may like to contribute financially to the school’s needs.

7. Notice of Withdrawal 
In the case of withdrawal of a student, one full term’s written notice to the Principal is required, otherwise the enrolment bond will be forfeited as detailed in section 3. Should a student be withdrawn from the school during a term, fees will be due and payable for the whole of that term with an appropriate pro-rata adjustment for the refundable portion being credited back to the fee account. If fees have already been paid in full and a student leaves the school during the year a pro-rata reimbursement will be applicable. For a student leaving at the end of the year (except Year 6 students) notice is required by the end of Term 3.