Why Choose a Lutheran School

Lutheran schools have been part of the education scene in Australia since 1839 when early German settlers saw the value of home and school working as partners in their children’s education. Turbulent times during the wars closed many schools, but with resurgence in growth there are now over 125 schools and early childhood centres across all states of Australia, educating more than 36,000 children and young people.

The curriculum of a Lutheran school matches all State and Australian Government requirements, with Christian Studies added as a Key Learning Area and worship a regular part of school life.

While each Lutheran school has its own unique character there is a commonality between us as we share the belief that each child is unique creation of God and loved by God. Christian beliefs permeate all aspects of school life.

Relationships are central in a Lutheran School – particularly the relationship between a child and his/her teacher – and are characterised by care. The value of parents and schools being partners in their child’s education still stands today as Lutheran schools see their role as one of supporting parents in the all round education of their children – academic, physical, social, emotional and spiritual.

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